Wednesday, 19 March 2014

No to extra charges for universal services we already pay for

Speaking to the Public Administration Committee, Lib Dem minister David Laws called on local authorities facing the harshest cuts in grant funding since the 1980s to avoid ‘constantly looking to central government’ for funding and instead raise extra charges for services people already pay for in their annual Council Tax bill, citing waste collection as their preferred target.

Some town halls are charging their residents for collection of bulky garden waste, with a number calling on households to pay up to £35 a year.  The call by the Lib Dems follows mean-spirited moves by Tory boroughs to charge parents for using playgrounds.

Laws told MPs: ‘I'm sure that's not the vision that every local authority would want because that involves some painful decisions for them locally which are not always popular.  But it seems to me that type of trend through whichever route is one which we ought to be seeking to encourage in future so that local authorities can take a degree of responsibility for themselves rather than constantly looking to central government.’

Council tax pays for universal services,  While Camden Labour has frozen Council Tax for the last 4 years and pledge to keep tax as low possible - the Lib Dems want to charge you for services you already pay for!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Camden's Community Investment Programme

Through the Community Investment Programme, funded by regeneration of public land, Camden is building 1100 new council homes, 3 new primaries, improvements to 53 of 57 schools, two public libraries and a public swimming pool.  

At least 800 local jobs will be created by this programme.