Monday, 19 May 2014

Using animation and Youtube to make political manifestos come alive (two examples from Camden)

Founder of influential SBTV Jamal Edwards recently criticised politicians for not getting YouTube - he's right (I think this is partly because most politicians still associate digital content with fixed computers, rather than mobiles and tablets).

Political campaigns obviously prefer face-to-face over other means but it's hard to believe that in 2014 most parties are still messaging to residents using leaflets alone.

Camden Labour's whiteboard animation (above) I created using Videoscribe has attracted a lot of interest.  

The thoughts behind it were:

  • Audience - the animation was aimed at younger progressive voters - perhaps who had already voted before but aren't committed to any particular party.  
  • It had to be positive in tone - attacks just turn people off.
  • It had to be educational - lots of people don't know what goes on in Town Halls or how big their area is and the range of services delivered: if people don;t thing something matters they won't vote.
  • It's about Camden rather than politics - so national issues shouldn't really feature. 

I'm not saying what we did is perfect - one criticism is that the animation is too long - it's early days on this but at least we've had a stab! 

For the more, ahem, mature audience, Fortune Green candidate Richard Olszewski has also done this excellent take on our pledges (here's Bob Dylan's original) .

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