Monday, 1 April 2013

What Labour believes in infographic?

Lib Dem digi-guru Mark Pack has developed an interesting info-graphic outlining to voters the history and purpose of his Party.

Pack says he created it to address the following question: '“Tell me more about what the Liberal Democrats believe”. Whether it’s a possible new member, a potential council candidate or a new office volunteer asking, I’ve always found over the years that one of the trickier questions to answer. Not because of the inherent question, but rather because of the paucity of materials available to conveniently answer it.'

This sort of political education has been lacking in all political parties for some time. We appeal to 'Labour values', rather than set out what we understand by them - especially at a local level.

Imagine a quick walk-through of Labour history?

- the founding of the Labour Party through unions to represent the working class?
- starting the largest house building programme in UK history
- creating the NHS, Open University and the modern schooling system?
- Of One Nation?

At the moment if you are a new or first-time voter and you want to find out what a Party stands for, where do you do?  More likely Wikipedia than Party websites - and if this is not enough there is little local history available for Labour local authority (or Euro) campaigns despite a track-record of delivery.