Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bank and legal internships auctioned for Westminster School fundraising

Like other schools, exclusive Westminster (*Public) School, SW1 has set up an auction to help raise capital for new buildings.

Fair enough, you might say.

But let's look at what's on offer - here are a list of all auctions, ranging from writing master-classes to holidays, to an Arsenal Executive box or historic paving stones from the school Yard.

All above board - until you get to the 'professional' lots.  These include auctions for internship at an architectural practice, a much sought after mini-pupillage at a Barrister's Chambers and an internship at Private Bank Coutts&Co (as of 18.40 08/05/2013 £300).

Coutts is part of the taxpayer-funded RBS stable.

An internship at the Mail on Sunday for "one week's work experience" seems to have been recently removed.

So, as youth employment in London rises placements which could otherwise be used to give a young person from a less well-off background are being sold to the highest bidder.

Talk about insensitive.

Update:  The Bar Council has responded: saying that "internships should not be bought and sold."

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